Coin Grading

Our team of unbiased numismatists render opinions on a coin’s authenticity and grade. ANACS certifies authentic coins only.

You may submit:

  • Regular issue U.S. coinage, commemoratives, and patterns
  • A wide variety of world coins: most coins from 1600 to present
  • The widest range of error and variety coins of any grading service
  • Problem coins (cleaned, corroded, damaged, repaired, etc.) are given a detail grade with the major problem listed
  • Hard Time and Civil War Tokens and So-Called Dollars

Varieties, Attributions, and Error Research Verifications

Verification of varieties and other well-documented attributions. This includes VAM numbers, Overton numbers, Fivaz-Stanton varieties, Sheldon and Newcomb numbers, Cohen, Bolender, Breen, Flynn, Snow and more. Simply list the variety number to be verified in the space provided on the ANACS submission form. The ANACS graders will verify your attribution, and the variety designation, if correct, will be placed on the ANACS label. This service is an additional $12 per coin. In the event you do not know the attribution, if you request it, ANACS will research it for you. Simply write “Attribute” in the space provided on the ANACS submission form. This service is an additional $15 per coin.

Problem Coins Graded

ANACS is the first major grading service to grade cleaned, corroded, damaged, repaired, and other “problem coins”. What will be printed on the label will be the coin’s “detail grade” and the coin’s most significant problem(s).

The “details grade” reflects the amount of remaining detail on the coin, balancing actual wear with remaining sharpness. Such coins will be encapsulated in our new ANACS holder. The ANACS Guarantee does not apply to problem coins.

Attribution Service

For all 3000+ VAMs, plus certification for 95 percent of varieties from every major numismatic reference: We offer the industry’s most complete, most accurate service.

Crossover Submissions Accepted

ANACS offers coin grading and authentication services on coins already encapsulated in other services’ holders at the same prices as for other submissions. Crossover submissions are inspected while in the holder and with the grade covered. In the final grading stage, the ANACS grade is compared against the minimum acceptable grade listed on your ANACS submission form. There is no additional charge for Crossover submissions, but fees are required on all coins, even if they do not meet designated minimum grades.

Cameo and Heavy Cameo for Proof World Coins

Cameo and Deep Cameo designations will be used for Proof-60 and higher world coins. We will use the same criteria we use for U.S. proof coins.

ANACS Services Pricing

U.S. Mint Coins Only (1793 - Present)

ServiceMax Value (per coin)Fee (per coin plus shipping)
Coins Valued Over $10K Require Approval by ANACS Customer Service
2 Day$10,000$79
5 Day or (ATB 5oz)$5,000$39
15 Day$2,000$20
Economy - No Gold$500$16 5 coin minimum
Modern (1950 - present)$2,000$14 5 coin minimum

All Non U.S. Mint Coins

ServiceMax Value (per coin)Fee (per coin plus shipping)
Middle/Far East & Russian$1,000$69
Economy$500$24 5 coin minimum
Modern 1950-Present$500$16 5 coin minimum

Additional Services

ServiceDescriptionFee (per coin plus shipping)
Special OfferFee based on special
ReholderFor reholdering old ANACS holders into new holders or for cracked/scratched/dirty ANACS holders.$15
Imaging ServiceChosen coin will be imaged and available on the ANACS Imaging Database.$3
Coin ConservationFor coins determined to benefit from conservation.$59
Up to 10 coins
Turn around times are not guaranteed and are based upon business days starting with the day your coins are received at ANACS.
Note: Fees are non-refundable should the coin be determined ineligible for encapsulation for any reason.

Shipping Rates

U.S. Domestic Postage, Insurance, Packaging, and Handling Rate Schedule
Number of Coins /
Declared Value
$0 - $1000$1,001 - $5K $5,001 - $15K$15,001 - $40K$40,001 - $70K$70,001 - $100K
1 - 4$29$42$45$59$82$101
5 - 20$35$45$50$64$89$106
21 - 40$40$50$55$69$92$111
41 - 70$45$55$60$78$97$116
71 - 100$50$60$65$83$102$121
101 - 200$55$65$70$88$107$126
If submitting more than 200 coins or if your coins have a combined declared value of more than $100,000, please contact ANACS Customer Service or call 800.888.1861 for rates.

International Rates

$75 + $1.25 per $100 of insurance. Not to exceed $5,000 total submission value.
Lobby Status

ANACS is OPEN for business. Our LOBBY is CLOSED and will remain so for the foreseeable future. We are accepting submissions via drop off at a local coin show near you, or by regular mail to our PO Box 6000, Englewood, CO 80155.

Please contact ANACS Customer Service at 1-800-888-1861 or for any assistance.

Covid Announcement

ANACS is OPEN for business. Changes to our operations and local requirements are slowing our ability to record incoming submissions in the timely manner you have come to expect. These short delays, typically 3 or 4 business days, should not affect the overall turnaround time. We thank you to be patient.

Our LOBBY is still CLOSED and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Please contact ANACS Customer Service at 800-888-1861 or at for questions.