VP of Marketing and Client Relations

Paul DeFelice, a graduate of Bentley University in Waltham, MA, has been called “The Face of ANACS”. He can often be found at coin shows across the country or as a guest-speaker at many of the coin clubs in Colorado.

DeFelice, who joined the coin industry in 2005, claims he has never bought or sold a coin. When asked how he can successfully complete his duties as the lead ANACS representative without having a coin collection he boasts, “I love numismatics: the history, the beauty, the challenge. I just don’t have that collector’s gene. Lucky for me, I get to enjoy my customers’ coins every day and I appreciate each coin entrusted to ANACS.”

Paul and his family live in Littleton, CO. In his spare time, Paul is an avid runner and enjoys the Colorado outdoors.

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