We are happy to announce the reopening of ANACS.

As of last Monday, May 11th, we resumed business for the first time since late March. While we continuously collected and secured daily mail and deliveries, this was the first significant closure in our 48-year history.

We have spent the last week retooling our procedures, prioritizing aging submissions, logging new orders that arrived during the closure, and shipping completed ones.

Many of you will receive your coins this week. Others will not have to wait too much longer.

As we continue to learn best practices under the rules set by the State of Colorado, you should expect some changes in our operations and service. These may result in some general delays. Also, sorry to our local dealers & collectors, but our lobby will remain closed for now.

Lastly, we want to thank our loyal customers and ANACS Insiders for all the support and good will you have sent our way. We intend to keep your trust and thank you for your patience.

Now let's go grade some coins!!!

Stay safe.

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No membership necessary!

Since 1972, ANACS has been entrusted with U.S. coins, foreign coins, ancient coins, and tokens. We not only assign grades to coins, but also recognize varities and other attributes.

Submitting coins is easy.
  1. Print a submission form.
  2. Fill it out.
  3. Pack your coins.
  4. Submit them via mail, private courier, or drop them off at a show with an ANACS Rep.

For more thorough instructions, please visit our
Step by Step Instructions or Submission FAQs.


ANACS Representatives cover the United States to meet our customers and accept submissions.

Use our interactive shows map to find a future show with an ANACS Rep near you.

Our next shows...
5/29-31 2020
Long Beach
6/5-7 2020
North Carolina
6/11-13 2020
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