Submitting Coins FAQ
How do I submit my coins to ANACS to have them certified

It’s easy and there are no clubs you have to join or annual dues you have to pay. At ANACS, you only pay when you use our service. You can use the ANACS submission form on this website or call to order a submission kit. To submit coins to ANACS for grading, simply complete the submission form and include your payment, place your coins in flips, carefully package the coins so they will not slide around while in the mail and then send the package registered and insured with the US Post Office.

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How should I package my coins when sending them to ANACS?

We always suggest that you place each coin in its own Mylar flip. (You can purchase Mylar flips from your local coin shop or on the Internet.) We suggest 2 ½ X 2 ½ crown size Mylar flips. Always remove the coins from any cardboard flips they might be in and always be careful when removing any staples. Write the line number from the submission form on the flip with a felt marker. This will help expedite your order. Wrap the coins so they will not slide out of the flip. Do not use staples or paper clips. Pad the coins/flips with tissue or styrofoam and place them in an appropriate size box. We recommend that you follow the "Rule Of Two," by packaging your coins in two containers, such as a padded envelope inside of a box.

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How should I mail my coins to ANACS?

We always recommend sending your coins registered and insured with the U.S. Post Office. It’s a little slower, but, statistically, it’s the safest. Furthermore, we recommend that you insure them for the full amount. With the USPS you can insure a package up to $25,000. If your coins are more valuable than that, send them in additional boxes.

Important: Make certain you write on the outside of the box the tier of service you have chosen. This will help expedite your order.

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What is ANACS’ address so I can mail my coins to have them graded?

Our address is:
P.O. Box 6000
Englewood, CO 80155

Our toll free phone number is:
303.339.3400 (local)
303.339.3450 (fax)

Is return shipping included in the grading fee?

No. The submitter is responsible for postage and insurance both ways. In addition to the grading fee, there is a return shipping and insurance fee. This fee is based upon the number of coins submitted and the total declared value of the coins. The shipping and insurance schedule for domestic and international destinations is on the back of the ANACS submission form.

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How do I figure out the declared value of my coins when filling out the submission form?

Accurately listing the declared value of each of your coins is important. This is how we determine how much to insure your coins when we ship them back to you. (ANACS will always use your figures unless they are clearly wrong.) The values you place on each coin also determine the tier of service you can use. For example, if you have a coin that is valued at $500, or less, you can use any service tier, but if your coin is valued at $900 you can not use the Economy service tier. As for determining your coin’s values, we recommend pricing guides, recent auction results, coin ads, the actual price you paid for the coin or "The Red Book."

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What does ANACS NOT grade?

Currently, ANACS Does not certify the following:

  • Coins Less Than 11mm or Greater Than 41mm in Diameter
  • Coins thicker than 3.8mm
  • Paper Money
  • Foreign Blank Planchets
  • Casino Chips
  • PVC Contaminated Coins or Coins that at are Actively Corroding
  • Counterfeit/Questionable/Unidentifiable Coins
  • Copies or Electrotypes
  • Aftermarket Decal Covered Coins
  • ANACS can Refuse to Certify ANY Coin for ANY Reason
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May I use a credit card to pay for my grading services or supplies?

Of course. ANACS accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

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How do I check the status of my package?

The ANACS website now offers the ability to check order status online. It is necessary to have a registered account and ensure that Customer Service has the same email address on file so information may be properly displayed. The online submission status feature allows you to track the submission through every step of the certification process, including getting your grades online. Should you not have an email address, you may also continue to call our Customer Service department at 800.888.1861 and a representative will be more than happy to assist you. Should you call, please reference the number on the upper right of the ANACS submission form (not available on forms downloaded from the website).

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With varieties, what is the difference between verification and research?

No grading service attributes as many varieties as ANACS. You can either submit your coins with the attributions already included or you can ask ANACS to research the attribution for you. The cost for ANACS to look up your attribution and to verify it is just $9 per coin, plus the grading fee. The cost for ANACS to research an attribution for you is $12 per coin, plus the grading fee.

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What happens if there is a mistake on my submission form?

The first thing we will do is contact you to correct the mistake. Once the mistake is corrected we will then continue processing your order. The important thing to know is that a mistake may alter your turnaround time.

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When I send my coins to ANACS what happens to them?

When your coins are received by ANACS, they are immediately placed in their own box, with unique order and individual item numbers for computerized tracking. From there, they enter the grading process, where they will be viewed by multiple graders to determine authenticity, grade and possible variety. Next, they will be matched with a label, and sonically sealed in the ANACS Clearview holder. After this, they are sent back to the Grading Room for a quality control check. Finally, your coins move to our Shipping Department, where they are reviewed one more time for quality, logged out and sent back to you. You can rest assured that the following security measures are always in practice: 1)Your submissions are never mixed up, or boxed with someone else's coins, 2) Our computerized tracking system follows your coins through the entire process, and 3) Everywhere your coins may be stored and processed at ANACS is under constant video surveillance.

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Can I submit coins directly to ANACS even though I'm not a coin dealer?

Absolutely! Whether you send us one coin or one hundred, your submission is given the same time and analysis as any other - and there are never membership fees to pay.

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What kind of guarantee does ANACS offer?

ANACS Guarantee

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