From the Vice President's Desk: Spring 2012

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Posted by: Paul DeFelice, on 4/12/2012, in category "General News"
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The year is 1972: Richard Nixon is president, the Dallas Cowboys are Super Bowl VI champions, and man walks on the moon for the last time. It is also the year The Godfather is released, Shaquille O'Neal is born, and Atari gives us Pong. Gas is about 55 cents a gallon, but handheld calculators cost around $100. And, in a small office in Washington D.C. ANACS is founded.

What were you doing in 1972? I'm sure many of you can rattle off some fond memories, share a funny anecdote, or remember something that you were doing at that time. There may even be a few of you who can claim to have submitted coins to ANACS for authentication. Remember those old photo certificates?

In the 40 years that has past since 1972, many things in our world have changed, but ANACS still remains a leader in Numismatics.

In 2012, our goal at ANACS is to help support our loyal customers by providing accurate grading, great service, and fair prices. None of this is new, but this year I ask you to make an effort to look for and buy the ANACS Gold Label. Let's face it, nobody knows better than you, our submitter, that the ANACS Gold Label is the best certified product on the market today. This combined effort is the key to our success as a third party grading service and to yours as a collector.

So the next time you consider purchasing a coin, make sure you ask:

"Is it in an ANACS Gold Label holder?"

1972 was a good year for ANACS, but in 2012 ANACS is shining brighter than ever.

Thank you,

Paul DeFelice
Vice President of Customer Relations and Marketing

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