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What is this?
ANACS offers an online serial number lookup function for any coin that we have graded and encapsulated. Simply enter the number found on the ANACS label to verify that a coin matches our records.
I have a coin with no apparent serial number. How can I verify it?
ANACS once offered, at the request of some of our customers, “special issue” labeling that sometimes did not include a serial number, or featured a serial number that was obstructed by a custom hologram or other special label feature. We have since changed our policy to ensure that every coin we grade has a unique serial number. It is important to note that all of the coins that were graded in this fashion are captured in our population report.

If you have a coin that does not have a visible serial number, you may send it to us to be reholdered with a unique serial number included. There is no grading or reholder charge for this service.
What if a serial number returns no results (or a non-matching result)?
We have found that the most common reason for this is a simple mistake in the serial number entry, so check first to make sure that the number you have entered is exactly the same as what is on the label. If you are looking at a coin online, you may want to verify with the party that posted the serial number that it is correct, and that it is paired with the coin in question. Sometimes, online sellers will mix up pictures or serial numbers from different coin listings.

In some cases, there may be data on our end that is not returning results. If you feel that you are getting an incorrect result for what you believe to a valid ANACS graded coin, you may call our customer service number (1-800-888-1861), and we will investigate and correct the problem. If we determine that a coin is mislabeled, we will make arrangements to correct that coin’s serial number at no charge to you.
What about serial numbers with alpha-numeric characters?
Some older ANACS graded coins feature serial numbers that also include some letters. All of these letters correspond to a numeric equivalent, which can be temporarily accessed here. We are currently in the later stages of finalizing coding that will allow you to search these numbers as you do any others.
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