ANACS - Frequently Asked Questions
Submitting Your Coins To ANACS
Can I submit my coins to ANACS to have them certified? How should I package my coins when sending them to ANACS? How should I mail my coins to ANACS? What is ANACS’ address so I can mail my coins to have them graded? Is return shipping included in the grading fee? How do I figure out the declared value of my coins when filling out the submission form? What does ANACS NOT grade? Can I use a credit card to pay for my grading services or supplies? How can I check the status of my package? With varieties, what is the difference between verification and research? What happens if there is a mistake on my submission form? When I send my coins to ANACS what happens to them? Can I submit coins directly to ANACS even though I'm not a coin dealer? What kind of guarantee does ANACS offer?
Questions About ANACS’ Services
Does ANACS certify "problem coins"? Does ANACS grade error coins? Does ANACS grade tokens? Does ANACS grade world coins? What does your Grade Mean? What are varieties? What are variety numbers? With varieties, what is the difference between verification and research? What is a VAM? Does ANACS determine the value of my coins? Does ANACS clean coins? What is “On-site Grading”? Why did ANACS change its pricing system? Are all ANACS-graded coins covered by the ANACS guarantee? Does ANACS guarantee the liquidity of the coins it grades? What is a “crossover” and how does Crossover Service work? Can a coin that was once in an ANACS holder be resubmitted for the same grade? What superlative designations does ANACS use when it grades a coin? What should I do if my coin has a mistake on the label? Are MS60 $20 Gold pieces worth slabbing? Saints? Liberty's? Etc? What is PVC residue? Is ANACS associated with the ANA? Does ANACS make the plastic holders or do you have a company that does this for you? What is a “Population Report”?
Coin Certification Search
What is this "Coin Certification Search"? I have a coin with no apparent serial number. How can I verify it? What if a serial number returns no results (or a non-matching result)? What about serial numbers with alpha-numeric characters?
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Coin Show Schedule

ANACS will be accepting submissions at the following shows. Click here to see the full list and to see which shows ANACS' graders will attend.
National Money Show ~ Lawrence Convention Ctr, Pittsburgh, PA
March 28 - 30        
Cowtown Coin Show ~ Splashdayz Event Center, White Settlement, TX
March 29 - 30        
MNS Coin Show ~ Prospect School Gym, Willimantic, CT
March 31 - 31        

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